Matrices, vectors and discrete maths

Matrices (Level B)

  • What are matrices (including: tables to matrices, defining a matrix, and matrix equality)
  • Calculating with matrices (including: addition, subtraction and multiplication)
  • Some special matrices (including: the identity matrix and the inverse matrix)
  • Solving matrix equations
  • Real world problems

Analytical geometry (Level C)

  • Describing points in space (including: rectangular coordinates, polar coordinates, and vectors)
  • Describing straight lines (including: equations of a straight line, distance between points and mid-point of a line)
  • Describing other curves (including circles)
  • Transformations (including: transforming points, straight lines, parabolas, circles and other curves)

Matrices (Level D)

  • Matrix representation of data
  • Addition and subtraction of matrices
  • Multiplication of a matrix by a scalar
  • Multiplication of a matrix by a vector
  • Multiplication of two matrices
  • Special matrices
  • Linear equations in matrix form
  • Solution of a system of linear equations by row reduction
  • Solution of linear equations using the inverse of the coefficient matrix
  • Inverse matrices
  • Determinant of a square matrix

Discrete Mathematics (Level D)

  • Factorials
  • Binomial theorem
  • Sequence and series
  • Mathematical induction