Print based resources

More than just numbers (Level A):

  • Our number system (including whole numbers, place value & estimation)
  • Working with numbers (including power notation and the square root)
  • Calculations involving negative numbers
  • Order of calculations
  • Fractions (including equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions, calculating with fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplication of fractions and division of fractions)
  • Decimals (including converting between decimals and fractions)

The Power of numbers (Level A):

  • Power notation
  • Calculating with powers including multiplying powers, dividing powers, negative indices, the zero index, adding and subtracting powers, special powers, fractional indices, finding a power of a power and finding a power of a product)
  • Common applications of powers (including scientific notation, the metric system, converting between units)

Comparing numbers (Level A)

  • Comparing quantities of subtraction
  • Comparing quantities by division (including percentages)
  • Ratios (including ratios in squares, rectangles, circles & triangles) 
  • Rates

Video based resources

  • Calculating with negative numbers (printable handout)
    This 10 minute video covers how to calculate with negative numbers.
  • Order of operations (printable handout)
    This 6 minute video covers the importance of the order of operations with examples.
  • Fractions (printable handout)
    This 16 minute video covers:
    • Equivalent fractions 
    • Mixed number and improper fractions 
    • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Decimals: Fractions in other forms (printable handout)
    This 11 minute video covers:
    • the link between fractions and decimals
    • converting between fractions and decimals
    • percentages, including percentage increase and decrease
    • rates.