Word cloud of information typesYou may need to use a wide variety of information for your assignments throughout the course of your degree. Different types of evidence can be used to respond to different questions or problems. 

A good first step in your research is to find appropriate professional and scholarly information on your topic. This information is usually of a high quality, and appropriate to use in your academic and professional applications.

  • Professional information is designed & created with special needs of practicing professionals in mind. Data, Standards and policies are all examples of professional information. 
  • Scholarly information is often produced by researchers -  keeps practitioners up-to-date with the emerging trends & changes in ideas. Books and journal articles are the most common versions of scholarly information.

There are also some types of information that should NOT be used in academic work. 

Internet based information is often written by and for the general public. As a result this information lacks the accuracy, depth and comprehensiveness required for use in academic or professional spheres. 

As a student engineer, you are expected to aspire to a higher degree of quality in the evidence you use in your academic and professional work.

You should only use evidence from the internet if you know the source is reputable and reliable, and the information is directed at scholars or professionals. 

Why is information quality important for engineers?

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