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This area has been created to support Communities of Practice, and enable interaction with external personnel. 

Courses added to this category may have a combination of manual enrolments, student self-enrolments, and guest enrolments.

Welcome to the Health Sciences Professional Readiness modules. 

This is a Health Science Professional Readiness series of modules which have been requested by the Discipline leader for Health Sciences. 

There is strong evidence for the value provided by professional placement programs for university students including enhanced academic performance and employability skills (Wilson,m 2012). 

These professional placement modules aim to prepare students well for their university placement programs. They will improve students' understandings of university and employer expectations with regard to these placements and mitigate the risk of behaviour which falls short of these. They will encourage students to reflect on their professional identities and develop an awareness of the learning opportunities inherent in these placements. 

These modules align with USQs Graduate Attributes.

Course: Respect at USQ

  • At USQ, we want safety and respect to be central to University culture. It starts with Respect at USQ.

This OpenDesk connects USQ psychology staff and students with teachers and others in schools communities to share ideas, resources, and support to people teaching and learning QCAA Year 11 and 12 Psychology from 2019. It provides community access to the teaching, research, and assessment expertise of the USQ School of Psychology and Counselling to support teaching senior secondary psychology. PSY in SCHLS aligns with the Education Pillar of the USQ 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

Provide site for online communication, collaboration and sharing of resources

To serve as a forum for members of the First Year Experience Community of Practice. This will be a place where members of the CoP can exchange views, where documents to be shared can be uploaded, where notes from meetings will be posted...
Will support the Project Management Community of Practice that has commenced