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  • Welcome to the Postgraduate Early Career Researcher (PGECR) Open Desk Space 

  • About PGECR

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  • PGECR Archive

    Looking for inspiration, or is there something specific you're searching for?  How to search the archive...

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  • Meeting Agendas

    Includes all documents and publications discussed.

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  • PGECR Meeting Recordings

    Here you will find recordings of our recent meeting and discussions.

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  • PGECR Research Symposia

    Details of our most recent symposia - just in case you'd like to be involved in the next one!

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  • Courtesy of USQ .... Your 'go to' experts

    USQ provides PGECRers with expert support, tailored to address each element of your journey.  There's a fantastic Research Support Team for your academic needs, and Student Support is there for your personal needs.

    Reaching out for support is a way of taking charge of your own future. 

    Doing so will help you go further.

    Why not contact them now, to find out how they can support you?

    • Information on the Research Support Team, including how they can help you with search strategies, referencing, academic writing, researcher visibility, and publishing strategies is available through this link.  The Research Support Team provides online resources, webinars, and one-on-one consultations.
    • Information on Student Support is available through this link.  There's fantastic career planning available, as well as financial support, health and wellbeing specialists, and even support networks tailored for specific student groups.