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The project AGRADES (Australian Graduates Employability Scale) aims to create a career development tool specific to the Australian higher education context. Now under construction by the R&D team at ACCELL, AGRADES is designed for students and graduates, university personnel (e.g., career practitioners, work-integrated learning specialists), and researchers across academic fields. The project is funded by Graduate Careers Australia as part of GCA’s Graduate Research Program.

The Australian Graduate Employability Scale or AGRADES has been developed as a bespoke measure of employability for the Australian higher education context. AGRADES is intended to assess personal qualities related to career self-management and may be used within learning activities that develop students’ career management knowledge and skills, and their preparations for employment. 

 AGRADES will become a useful tool for Student Services’ personnel who are involved in students’ career development, work-integrated learning, and employment.

Research & Development team

members of
ACCELL - Australian Collaboratory for Career Employability & Learning for Living

Dr Peter McIlveen, Dr Harsha Perera, Dr Nancey Hoare, Dr Allison Creed, Dr Sara Hammer, Jason Brown, Tessa McCredie, Dr Jennifer Luke. 

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