Course: Food Science and Engineering Resources, Section: Food Quality - Statistics Focused

  • Food Quality - Statistics Focused




    These activities are used as short tutorial exercises in some of our quality assurance course looking at physical characteristics of food. These have been developed to be done anywhere, anytime with a few simple measurement tools followed a bunch of statistics that could be done. This can cover things like geometry of food (the maths of Pringles? And mathematical functions associated with banana curves?), variability in sample populations, comparative analysis of sample types (t-test for different Tim Tams anyone?).

    Please contact Polly Burey at for further details of this activity.

    • This focuses on determining quality measures for food. I have provided a version with 'answers' that some of our 3rd year students came up with. You can provide it without the blue text to your own students. Statistical analysis of packets of food can be done using size and mass measures.

    • This followup activity focuses on actual measures to be made. Packets and cans of food can be brought into the classroom for this activity. Blue text shows some example answers.

    • This gets into some basic measures that can be done anywhere with only a few resources.

    • This can be used to run some statistics on the proportion of students who correctly place samples in order.