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  • Kickstart Your Research!

    Hello, and welcome to 'Kickstart Your Research'! You are probably here because you are considering further study in an Honours or Masters degree, perhaps even thinking ahead to a PhD. You know that it will be quite different from your undergraduate study, and that by taking this step you are becoming a researcher. But what does being a researcher involve? And what does a thesis look like? (Let alone a good one!) In this course you will work through a number of modules designed to introduce you to higher degree research - its processes, methods, and courses of best practice. The modules are set up so you can work through them independently, though of course if you get stuck or have any questions you can email one of us for assistance. At the end of the modules you will produce a short research proposal, suitable for your application to the Honours program (and have the tools to expand it for application to a degree at a higher level). Feel free to recommend this course to others who may find it useful: ask prospective students to send us an email to be added to the course site. We hope you enjoy Kickstart Your Research! Good luck!

  • What is research?

  • Abstracts and Aims

  • Literature Review

  • Method and Methodology

  • Structure and Outline

  • Successful Presenting

  • Writing a Research Proposal