Section: Exponential and Logarithms | Assumed knowledge (Mathematics Skills) | OpenDesk

  • General

  • This section will help you to develop your skills in relation to Exponentials and Logarithms. 

    Introduction to exponentials (printable handout)

    This 3 minute video introduces the exponential equation for growth and decay along with the corresponding graphs.

    image to play the video

    Index Laws (printable handout)

    This 16 minute video introduces:

    • power (or index) notation
    • power (or index) rules
    • using power (or index) rules to simplify expressions.

    image to play the video

    Introduction to logarithms (printable handout)

    This 12 minute video shows an introduction to logarithms.  It has examples of using different bases and applying the different logarithms laws.

    image to play the video

    Solving equations using logarithms (printable handout)

    This 7 minute video works through some examples of using logarithms to solve equations.

    image to play the video