Information literacy is a skill you will grow and develop throughout your lives. While you may not be aware of it, you use it constantly in your everyday life. You use it every time you skip over the Ads at the top of a Google search results page. It is simply the act of finding, assessing and utilising information strategically and critically. As an engineer, you need to question everything, including the information you are using to inform your decisions.

The information literacy skills you develop throughout your degree will aid you in your professional career. All employers expect university graduates to be information literate. You will need to continue to gather and analyse information to inform and solve problems throughout your career. 

According to the Statistical Society of Australia's Code of Conduct all professionals are expected to 'seek to upgrade their professional knowledge and skill and shall maintain awareness of technological developments, procedures and standards which are relevant to their field' (2013, sec.12). 

The library is here to help you develop your information literacy skills through tutorials, advice and guidance for finding and assessing high quality information for your study.

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