Time management

Time management is one of the most challenging aspects of study for many people. Finding efficient ways to manage time that work for you can make a significant difference to your study experience and outcomes. So, it is well worth the effort you put into it! Different things work for different people, but you may find the following useful in getting started:

  • Use a planner and keep it up to date. USQ’s Social Hub has a range of templates to download and try out. There is of course an ever-growing range of electronic planners and apps that may also be convenient for you.
  • When are you most productive and in what situations? Try to replicate these conditions for your planned study time.
  • Why do you think you procrastinate? Once you understand the cause of the procrastination, you can develop a plan to combat it!
  • Try backwards planning for your assignments. This means working out how much time you need for each task, and working backwards to see when you need to start each task, and when you need to move on to the next one. Try using this Assignment Calculator to get you started.

Finally, you might find some useful tips in the video below.

How to manage your time more effectively (according to machines) [5:09]

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Other support services

USQ has a wide range of support services for students. You're currently using one of them (Library Services)! The University also offers Health Services, Counselling, Welfare Support, Support for Students with Disability and Career Development.

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