Understanding your assessment

Understanding your assessment (UNE Library, 2015) is an interactive tutorial that introduces the different elements in assessment questions at university. This may help you understand what exactly is expected of you in your assessment. (Text version)

Video: Search strategies

Building a better search strategy (Melbourne University Library, 2016) is a video introduction to search strategies including AND, OR and NOT. This is very useful information that is relevant whether you are searching databases, or the open web.

Before you start searching you need to identify what information you need to answer your question. For university assignments, this usually means understanding and deconstructing your assignment question.

Once you understand what information you are looking for, you can construct a search strategy to find it.

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While you can search without a strategy you may find yourself spending hours going through search results to find the actual information you are looking for. A search strategy targets your search so your results are more relevant, and less numerous.

 Key databases for Information Technology

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