Special Education

Image Program Coordinator - Associate Professor Henriette Janse Van Rensberg

Special education at USQ will provide a strong foundation for new educators in both regular and special education settings. The USQ special education courses available to students within both the Primary and Secondary Bachelor of Education programs will assist to develop the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for pre-service educators wanting to work in the area of special education as well as those who wish to work in regular education settings. Courses offered address specific disability areas such as Autism and Teaching Students with High Support Needs; skill and strategy knowledge and application in courses such as Learning Intervention, Challenging Behaviours, and Instructional Approaches; as well as develop an understanding for the obligations and expectations of all educators working with students with diverse learning needs through Educating Students with Special Needs across Contexts and Communication and Collaboration.

Students who complete the Special Education suite within a BEDU Program at USQ will be confident in and know how to:

Cater for the individualised learning needs of students with an understanding of the impact these needs have on participation and access to curriculum. 

  • Effectively communicate and work collaboratively with stakeholders to create safe, supportive, and engaging learning environments that foster self-determination, self-efficacy, and positive self-concept for students with additional needs.
  • Identify and utilise relevant theory, research, and resources for special and inclusive education with an understanding and consideration of the nature of disability and diversity present in all learning environments.
  • Apply strategies and techniques for effective data collection and analysis, and plan, implement, and assess teaching and learning with consideration of differentiated teaching and universal design for learning.
  • Be lifelong learners and remain current with evidence-based strategies; display professional attitude in all settings with colleagues, students, families, and the wider school community; and demonstrate an understanding of the relevant legislation and policies that inform and support the education profession.

To explore the Special Education Courses offered at USQ, click here: Special Education

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