Early Childhood Education

ImageProgram Coordinator - Dr Nicole Green

What a wonderful, challenging and exciting time it is to be an educator teaching and learning with infants, young children and their families! 
USQ’s various Early Childhood qualifications graduate students to work expertly in a diverse range of early learning environments, including education and care centres, family day care, kindergartens, primary schools and international settings. The suite of courses prepares graduates who are inquirers of self, inquirers of and with children and families, inquirers of and with communities; and inquirers of knowledge and learning spaces. In addition, graduates will:
·   Have broad theoretical and contemporary knowledges and skills of pedagogies, principles and practices across early childhood settings, and of the learning and development of children as unique, capable and competent citizens with rights and responsibilities;
·   Be equipped with effective communication strategies to establish, engage with, and nurture strong communities of practice, and to work effectively and sensitively with key stakeholders including children, families, colleagues and community; 
·   Support and respond to families and children from diverse contexts and backgrounds with an ecological understanding of their strengths, interests and needs; 
·   Be a research informed leader that, through transformative and creative thinking and actions, advocates for key issues of focus around child and family, guided by social justice and equity, and
·   Enact ethical and socially responsible practices and behaviours aligned with the rights of the child, and legislative and regulatory requirements.
The Early Childhood academic team bring a range of international, state and national teaching experiences. Our research is timely, innovative and responsive

To explore the Early Childhood Education Courses offered at USQ, click here: Early Childhood Education

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