Professional learning opportunities

A range of opportunities are available for you to engage in learning outside your normal coursework.  These can increase your practical knowledge and skills, provide networking opportunities and assist you through your studies to overall enhance your employment opportunities.  Each is accessible via the image or the highlighted text.

FYI Image

For Your Information (FYI) is an online community to visit when you need help or reassurance, support or direction, or simploy don't know what to do.  FYI contains toos and guides to help you expand on your current academic and information literacy.  FYI is designed as a place to visit when you need help or reassurance, support or direction, or simply don't know what to do. In FYI we’ve brought together tools and guides to help you expand on your current academic and information literacy (study and research skills), and guide your continued development of skills and confidence. FYI is a place to come for help to Find Your Information for assignments, and a space to find guidance For Your Information ...  whatever your level of study. ...   

Education Commons Image

Education Commons connects preservice and current educators, to discuss hot topics in education.  The live panel format gives you the opportunity to engage with panel members and explore key themes and ideas.  For students who are unable to attend, each event is recorded and can be accessed here.

E2@Springfield (Education engagement at Springfiled) brings students and local educators together, primarily in the Springfield area to participate in a variety of activities, including discussions forums, conferences and professional development sessions.


Student Overarching Capabilities and Actions program (SOCA) consists of a wide range of professional development workshops providing preservice education with classroom focused knowledge and skills.  These fun and engaging activities have direct application to professional experience contexts and beyond.

Transition into Teaching

Transition 2 Teaching sessions enable preservice educators at all stages of their studies, to access important information about employment opportunities upon graduation and the processes involved in applying for employment in schools.

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