Who can help?
USQ offers a wide range of support services, including:  general support, academic support and personal support.

Getting started
Here, we introduce time management skills that will be essential to balance study, work and life.

Notetaking in lectures
Need some hints and tips to help you quickly record all the important information and only the important information in your lectures?

Reading and Notetaking
This section highlights the differences between traditional reading and academic reading.  Academic reading processes are articulated and effective notetaking strategies are identified.

Writing Assignments
Use these helpful tips to help you through the steps in writing an assignment as well as how to negotiate certain assignment types.

Academic Language
Writing for university is about more than punctuating and spelling your work correctly.  Your lecturers will want you to write using academic language.  

Proofreading Assignments
Once your draft is complete, proofreading and editing your work is an important skill.

Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is a complex but important skill.  Often, we get so caught up in learning our content that we forget the most important step - critically engaging with our content.

Exam preparation
In this section we provide some tips and advice on revising and preparing for exams. 

Group work
Group work can be challenging in some situations, but there are ways to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. 

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