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6. Varied Perspectives

The Southern Cross is a constellation dear to many people and recognised as the central component of the Australian Flag. It features in songs, movies, on products and produce but well before any of these artefacts were created it had another meaning and purpose.

Warwick Thornton’s asks you to look at the Southern Cross from a different perspective.

Read this article from 2004. Do you think things have changed?

Other important points regarding the process of news gathering included encouraging journalists to recognise that journalism can be pro-active as well as reactive; that news stories do not always have to be about conflict; that workplace culture may not be supportive of Indigenous issues, but that should not be used as an excuse; that media workers should be aware of their own assumptions and position; that simply reporting two opposing opinions on an issue is not a balanced story; that it is important to show a variety of perspectives; and that it is important to check facts before reporting, particularly regarding sensitive or sensational material” (Burns & McKee, 1999, p. 97).

Does a statement like this apply only to the context of media practice? Dig below the surface. Do not accept what you see at face value. Explore possibilities.

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