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Indigenous Australians must stop the excuses and accept responsibility

What message does a headline like this send? Read the article which concludes with the following words: …the real hurdles today aren’t white racism and stingy or arrogant governments. They are more likely to be Aboriginal culture as it’s now imagined by activists: such things as communistic land ownership, putting ceremony above school, living where there’s no work…, leaving child-raising too often to the collective, feeling owed… Responsibility, not reconciliation, is now the key.” (Bolt, 2016)

What is your response to this article? What do you think needs to be done next – by governments, by Aboriginal Australians, by non-Aboriginal Australians? What can individuals do?

Please read the following post:

Are all the assertions in this post true?   If not then, in your opinion, is the essence of this article true?

Image Credit: © University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

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