Maths Topics


Print based materials

Print Materials to assist with any pre-requisite mathematics required in USQ courses. These materials are based on USQ's Tertiary Preparation Program. Mathematics modules are presented in increasing level of difficulty and complexity from Level A through to Level D.

Comparing numbers (part of module only)

  • Comparing quantities of subtraction
  • Comparing quantities by division (including percentages)
  • Ratios (including ratios in squares, rectangles, circles & triangles)
  • Rates

comparing numbers

Trigonometry (Level B)

  • Sine (including the sine ratio, the sine function, the inverse of the sine function, degrees, minutes and seconds, amplitude and period)
  • Cosine (including the cosine ratio, the cosine function, the inverse of the cosine function, amplitude and period)
  • Tangent (including the tangent ratio, the tangent function, the inverse of the tangent function, amplitude and period)

Trigonometry Level B

Trigonometric functions (Level C)

  • Radian measure (including what are radians, converting from degrees to radians, converting from radians to degrees, using radians measure in real world applications)
  • Graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent functions
  • Modelling using trigonometric functions (including amplitude, vertical shift, the period of trigonometric functions, the phase of trigonometric functions)
  • Inverse functions
  • Solving trigonometric equations

Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometry (Level D)

  • Radian Measure
  • Polar Co-Ordinates
  • Trigonometric Identities and Multiple Angle Formulae
  • Solving Trigonometric Equation
  • Periodicity
  • Amplitude
  • Triangle Solution
  • Compound Angles
  • Solving Equations Involving Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometry Level D

Video based materials

Introduction to trigonometry (printable handout)

This 20 minute video introduces:

  • labeling triangles for trigonometry
  • Pythagoras' Theorem
  • trigonometric ratios
  • worked examples using trigonometric ratios

trig intro

Solution to triangles - using the Sine and Cosine Rules

This 18 minute video shows how to use the sine and cosine rules (that is, when you do not have right angled triangles.

solution of triangles

Using Trigonometric identities

This 11 minute video has a number of worked examples of how to use the trigonometric identities.

trig identities

You can also get help Mastering your calculator – free, easy to follow online booklets on a range of scientific calculators.