Mathematics Skills

Success in Maths at USQ

Success in Maths for Science

Students studying science require a sound knowledge of mathematics.

To assist you if you have had bad experiences at school, not enough exposure to mathematics or the exposure was a number of years ago we have developed a series of videos.

These videos are based on the materials that is assumed in MAT1100.

To view files click on the topic you wish to refresh. A copy of presentation is available for you to download (Print Handout).


Calculating with negative numbers (print handout)

This 6 minute video covers how to calculate with negative numbers.


Order of operations (print handout)

This 6 minute video covers the importance of the order of operations with examples


Fractions (print handout)

This 16 minute video covers:

  • Equivalent fractions
  • Mixed number and improper fractions
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.


Fractions in other forms - Decimals (print handout)

This 11 minute video covers:

  • the link between fractions and decimals
  • converting between fractions and decimals
  • percentages
  • rates.



Algebraic relationships (print handout)

This 9 minute video introduces:

  • translating from words to symbols (relationships)
  • variables and expressions
  • collecting like terms.


Rearranging equations (print handout)

This 12 minute video covers:

  •  substituting values into equations
  • rearranging equations
  • including a range of examples.

Inequalities (print Handout)

This 10 minute video covers graphing inequalities and rearranging inequalities.

Index laws (print handout)

This 12 minute video introduces:

  • Power (or index) notation
  • Power (or index) rules
  • using power (or index) rules to simply expressions.

index laws image

Graphing and Geometry

Geometry (print handout)

This 7 minute video covers common shapes and their characteristics.


Pythagoras' Theorem (print handout)

This 4 minute video covers using Pythagoras’ Theorem.


Relationships as graphs (print handout)

This 7 minute video covers the Cartesian co-ordinate system and drawing graphs.

relationships as graphs image

Gradient (print handout)

This 7 minute video covers how to:

  • find the gradient (or slope) of a straight (linear) line
  • drawing a line using a point and the gradient.

gradient image

The linear equation (print handout)

This 7 minute video covers:

  • the linear equation
  • finding the gradient and \(y\)-intercept
  • the slope-point equation
  • equations to special lines (e.g. horizontal and vertical lines).


Exponential graphs (print handout)

This 3 minute video introduces the exponential equation for growth and decay along with the corresponding graphs.


You can also get help Mastering your calculator – free, easy to follow online booklets on a range of scientific calculators.