Mathematics Skills

Success in Maths at USQ

Success in Maths for Teaching

Educators require a basic knowledge of numbers, algebra, measurement, chance & data and space.

Current students can access the readiness test (UConnect username and password required) which is a self-test that will help you decide the level of support you may need in these areas. It should take about half an hour to complete.

Current students can also access refreshment materials which provide a review of basic mathematical skills with examples and activities.

There are also a number of videos designed to assist you with this refreshment material.

Calculating with negative numbers (printable handout)

This 6 minute video covers how to calculate with negative numbers.

 Calculating with negative numbers title slide

Order of Operations (printable handout)

This 6 minute video covers the importance of the order of operations with examples.


Fractions (printable handout)

This 16 minute video covers:

  • Equivalent fractions
  • Mixed number and improper fractions
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.

Fractions in other forms - Decimals (printable handout)

This 11 minute video covers:

  • the link between fractions and decimals
  • converting between fractions and decimals
  • percentages
  • rates.

Index Laws (printable handout)

This 12 minute video introduces:

  • Power (or index) notation
  • Power (or index) rules
  • using power (or index) rules to simply expressions.

Introduction to algebra: Relationships as words (printable handout)

This 9 minute video introduces:

  • translating from words to symbols (relationships)
  • variables and expressions
  • collecting like terms.

Relationships as graphs (printable handout)

This 7 minute video covers the Cartesian co-ordinate system and drawing graphs.


Substituting and rearranging equations (printable handout)

This 12 minute video covers:

  •  substituting values into equations
  • rearranging equations
  • including a range of examples.


Using Pythagoras' Theorem (printable handout)

This 4 minute video covers using Pythagoras’ Theorem.


Simultaneous Equation: Substituting method (printable handout)

This X minute video will cover the use of the substitution method to solve a system of two equations with two unknown variables.


Gradients (printable handout)

This 7 minute video covers how to:

  • find the gradient (or slope) of a straight (linear) line
  • drawing a line using a point and the gradient.


The Linear Equation (printable handout)

This 7 minute video covers:

  • the linear equation
  • finding the gradient and \( y \)-intercept
  • the slope-point equation
  • equations to special lines (e.g. horizontal and vertical lines).

You can also get help Mastering your calculator – free, easy to follow online booklets on a range of scientific calculators.