Success in Maths at UniSQ

Success in Maths for Economics

Economics requires a basic knowledge of arithmetic, algebra and graphing.

Current students can use our Readiness testing in mathematics (UConnect username and password required) to self assess your knowledge and skills and should take about half an hour to complete.

Current students can access the refreshment materials to review their basic maths skills with examples and activities. There are also four videos designed to assist you with the first four modules of this material.

Anyone can access the below videos to assist with preparation for Success in Maths for Economics.

Module 1: Arithmetic

This 17-minute video includes information on

  • useful keys on the calculator
  • order of calculation
  • percentage change
  • decimals, fractions, ratios
  • reading tables


Module 2: Introductory graphing

This 8-minute video includes information on

  • types of graphs
  • setting up graphs, plotting points
  • graphing from a table of values, and areas of graphs


Module 3: Algebra

This 15-minute video includes information on

  • what are variables
  • what are formulae
  • using substitutions and interpretation


Module 4: Further Graphing

This 14-minute video includes information on

  • gradients
  • special lines
  • Production Productivity Frontier


You can also get help Mastering your calculator – free, easy to follow online booklets on a range of scientific calculators.

Net present Value QuickTip