Success in Maths at UniSQ

Success in Maths for Finance

To support students enrolled in Finance studies, The Library provides a range of activities to assist you to develop your mathematics skills.

To assist you if you have had bad experiences at school, not enough exposure to mathematics or the exposure was a number of years ago we have developed a series of videos and quick tips.

These resources are based on the materials that is required for courses like FIN1103.

To view files, click on the topic you wish to refresh.  A copy of presentation is available for you to download (Print Handout).

Videos to watch

Have you got a maths bully in your brain? 

This 3-minute video shows how to overcome the maths bully you may have in your brain.

Link image for the Maths Bully video

Order of operations (print handout)

This 7 minute video covers the importance of the order of operations with examples.

image for the order of operations video

Fractions (print handout)

This 16-minute video covers:

  • Equivalent fractions
  • Mixed number and improper fractions
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions

image for the the fractions video

Decimals (print handout)

This 11-minute video covers:

  • the link between fractions and decimals
  • converting between fractions and decimals
  • percentages
  • rates

Image for the Decimals video

Index Laws (print handout)

This 12-minute video introduces:

  • Power (or index) notation
  • Power (or index) rules
  • Using power (or index) rules to simplify expressions.

image for the index laws video

Substituting and rearranging equations (print handout)

This 12-minute video covers:

  • substituting values into equations
  • rearranging equations
  • including a range of examples

Image for the substituting and rearranging equations video.

Quick Tips

You can also have a look at our general Mathematics QuickTips. Here a some of the most important quick tips for FIN1103: