Mathematics Skills

Success in Maths at UniSQ

Success in Maths for Aviation

To support you in your Aviation studies, UniSQ Support for Learning provides a range of activities to assist with mathematics skills.

Quick Videos and print resources to refresh your Maths skills

Arithmetic & Mental Maths

Order of operations (print handout)

This 6 minute video covers the importance of the order of operations with examples.

Image to click on to play the Order of Operations video.

There is also a QuickTip for Order of Operations with aviation examples.

Operations involving negative numbers (print handout)

This 10 minute video covers how to calculate with negative numbers.

Click on the image to play the video for Calculating with negative numbers.

Decimals (including percentages and rates) (print handout)

This 11 minute video covers

  • the link between fractions and decimals
  • converting between fractions and decimals
  • percentages, including percentage increase and decrease
  • rates.

Click on the image to play the video for decimals (including percentages and rates).

There is also a QuickTip for percentages.

Other QuickTips and other print resources for Arithmetic and Mental Maths:

Graphs and graphing

Relationships as graphs (print handout)

This 8 minute video covers the Cartesian co-ordinate system and drawing graphs.

Video to play the video for Relationships as graphs

Gradient (print handout)

This 7 minute video covers how to

  • find the gradient (or slope) of a straight (linear) line
  • drawing a line using a point and the gradient.

Image to play the video: gradient


Introduction to Algebra: relationships as words (print handout)

This12 minute video covers:

  • translating from words to symbols (relationships)
  • variables and expressions
  • collecting like terms.

Click on the image to play the Introduction to algebra: relationships in words video.

Substituting and rearranging equations (print handout)

This 12 minute video covers

  • substituting values into equations
  • rearranging equations.

Click on the video to play the substituting and rearranging equations video.

There is also a QuickTip to help you rearrange equations.


Pythagoras' Theorem (print handout)

This 4 minute video covers using Pythagoras' Theorem.

Image to play the video for Pythagoras' Theorem

Introduction to trigonometry (printable handout)

This 20 minute video introduces:

  • labeling triangles for trigonometry
  • Pythagoras' Theorem
  • trigonometric ratios
  • worked examples using trigonometric ratios

trig intro