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    • Welcome to the start of your university educationTopic

      Thank you for applying to the University of Southern Queensland.

      We would like to give you more information about the different pathway programs available to you at USQ.

      Your first step is to create a profile on OpenDesk for increased usability of this site. You can do this by clicking the top right-hand corner profile image. Once completed please click Course Administration in the left corner and choose "Enrol me in this course".

      • Brief overview of the pathway options that are available to YOUTopic

        Which Program is for you?

        USQ offers two different pathway programs: the Diploma of University Studies (DOUS) and the Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP). 

        Each program offers courses in Academic Literacy, Mathematics & Science, with elective options in both to suit most future degree entry requirements.

        DOUS is made up of eight courses. Four of these are foundational courses that set you up for study at university and the other four are electives in your chosen DOUS major, with the possibility of credit into your degree upon successful completion. See the Handbook for more information.

        TPP is a fee-free program that gives you the opportunity to gain skills in Academic Literacy, Mathematics, Study Skills and electives, such as General Science. See the Handbook for more information.

        • Finding your best pathway of studyTopic

          Why should I do these steps

          Upon completion, we will be able to advise which pathway program is best for you. This allows us to personalise your study journey.

          Step 1  

          This step helps us get an idea of how ready you feel for university study and how confident you are in doing activities related to your planned studies. Complete Are you ready? (15 mins)

          Step 2 

          This step helps us to discover your current level of academic literacy. Complete ALLTest (Tier 1: 30 mins & Tier 2: 65 mins)

          Where to now?

          Thank you for completing the steps. You will be contacted soon with an offer from USQ.  

          In the meantime, you can also explore the USQ website to find out more information about university life.


          • Need Assistance?Topic

            If you need any assistance, please contact the USQ College.

            Phone:1800 803 781

            You can also live chat with USQ support staff (Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm)

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