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  • Kit #1: Arduino & Sensors


    These resources are for students who have received a USQ Arduino and Sensors Maker Kit, but will remain online for anyone who wishes to browse the course.  To get started, download the presentation and the ZIP folder of Arduino code.  To open this, you will need to have downloaded the Arduino IDE.  You can watch and follow along with the session recording here.  

    Arduino and Sensors Presentation Powerpoint

    Arduino Code ZIP folder

    Want to put together your own Maker Kit for this workshop?  See the 'How to put together your own Maker Kit' guide.  

    • Kit #2: Wearable Technology

      Wearable Tech

      This set of resources is for the Wearable Technology Maker Kit, learn to work with conductive thread and sewable electronics components.  If you'd like to put together your own maker kit and follow through the workshop materials,  the resources to source your own parts are included below.  You will need to download the Arduino IDE for this activity.  

      - Wearable Technology Presentation Powerpoint

      Want to put together your own Maker Kit for this workshop?  See the 'How to put together your own Wearable Tech Kit' guide.  

      • Kit #3: LED Matrix

        LED Matrix

        Resources coming soon!

        • Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit


          Resources coming soon!

          • Getting started with Raspberry Pi at USQ


            Learn how to set up your Raspberry Pi for eduroam.  

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