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    Welcome to the University of Southern Queensland's (USQ) College for Indigenous Studies, Education and Research (CISER) ENTREE. This site has been designed for you to explore, try and learn about what it is like to study at the University of Southern Queensland. We have designed 3 Engaging Tools for Reusable Educational Experiences (ENTREE's) for you to attempt and enjoy a taste of the CISER and indeed the university learning experience.

    So what are we offering you?

    This is a unique opportunity for you to be able to have a 'taste' of university without paying $$$$$$$$. From the privacy and comfort of your home you are able to undertake a 'taste' of university anonymously and in your time without having to commit to anything or one. If you have been thinking about university but are not quite sure of what is required and if you have what it takes, then this site is for you. 

    What you can expect 

    These ENTREE's provide an opportunities for you to draw on on your existing and professional knowledge's. There are four ENTREE'S for students to choose from

    • Reconciliation 
    • Indigenous Philosophy
    • Indigenous Policy
    • Indigenous Education



    What is the philosophy behind these ENTREE's?

    We have designed these ENTREE's to replicate a typical course at USQ. So the website you are currently on is the same design as courses here at USQ. The ENTREE's are only 5 days course, where it is expected you should only need 2 hours each day to complete the learning tasks, which adds up to 10 hours a week. Why have we chosen 10 hours? Good question. The university expects all students to complete 10 hours of extra study at home per week per course. 

    During the course of each ENTREE you will have the opportunity to produce a piece of work that is of 1st year university standard. We will be teaching you how to do this and you will be able to submit this to a lecturer (if you choose) for some feedback.

    The great thing about the ENTREE is that it is always available for you to come back or to share with your family and friends. This was designed for YOU!

    • To enter into the course you would like to try please click on the corresponding picture below.

      We highly recommend you complete the Indigenous philosophy course before any others as this will enhance your understanding of the other courses.