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  • Open Textbook Development at USQ

    Welcome to the community space for open texts (in any sense of the word) at USQ.  The site is designed as a place to share information, prototypes, working examples, finished work, or any other item related to this work.

    There are a number of topic blocks below.  Please claim one of them and rename it with either your name or your team.  Please treat this as an iteratively developed space and we can make changes as required.  Everyone has editing access so you don't need to contact Adrian with every change.

    If you have any concerns, suggestions, or questions please do email or post to one of the forum tools (below).

  • Suites of web pages with embedded dynamic examples

    A virtual 'laboratory' can be included in the study material, giving live simulations and challenges.  These are scattered through this material, used in the course 'Dynamics II', but a good starting place to look for them might be near the top of the module 'Vibration-2'.

    John Billingsley

  • Using games 'engines' for teaching material.

    Initially I have uploaded a paper - far from finished - that goes into rather too many details.  Examples should follow!

    John Billingsley

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