Research studies indicate that even the most committed and qualified alumni chapter cannot work effectively without orientation and training. The USQ Online Alumni Chapter Forum aims:
  • to enhance the effectiveness of current chapter leaders and volunteers;
  • to keep chapter leaders and volunteers well-informed and help them familiarise with their duties;
  • to provide alumni volunteers with an opportunity to interact with each other, exchange ideas about chapter operations as well as develop new friendships.
The Alumni Office will work collaboratively with the Division of ICT Services to conduct an exploratory investigation of tools/systems that can be used to support a Web-based international conference. The Online Forum will offer delegates the ultimate in flexibility. It will take place across four time zones including:
  • Australia
  • South East & North Asia (including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China & Taiwan and Japan)
  • Mauritius, the Middle East, Africa & South Asia (including The United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Botswana, Sri Lanka and Pakistan)
  • North America (including The United States and Canada)
The Forum will run for two days, focusing exclusively on developing actionable solutions and best practices in response to chapter operations and management. On the second day of the forum, we will repeat sessions that been presented on the first day. Participants are welcome to attend any of our two day sessions in any time zone.